WRS II at the World Family Summit

Prof. Kate Moss @ World Family Summit +9: »The cure for poverty has a name«


“The cure for poverty has a name in fact it is called the empowerment of women.” With this quotation of British-American author Christopher Hitchens, prof. Kate Moss, main researcher of the project Women Rough Sleepers II, started her presentation of the problem of homeless women in Europe at the World Family Summit +9 which was held in Berlin between the 2nd and 5th of December 2013, organised by the UN affiliate World Family Organisation.

She presented the first research impressions from the UK, Hungary and Slovenia. The main highlights of her presentation was identification of WRS in respective countries and ongoing criminalisation of poverty and homelessness, especially in Hungary and UK. She also pointed out lack of consistent statistical data on WRS in UK and demographic of WRS in Slovenia. She concluded with our aim - to continue to investigate the specific problem of women’s homelessness and to raise awareness on a Pan–European level.

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