Low temperatures call for extreme measures

London`s outreach workers have been working hard last few days to help rough sleepers as the temperatures dropped below zero. Conditions on the street became life-threatening thus emergency measures, known as Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP), were triggered across London. This is to ensure that no one dies on the street due to the severe weather conditions, and also to help rough sleepers access support services and in some cases to return home.

During SWEP, more outreach workers are sent out on the streets and emergency places are made available in hostels which would otherwise be declared full, including 40 spaces in a former hotel in north-west London operated by the St Mungo’s Broadway charity. On a shift last week, Alex Christofides rescued two women, one of them a teenager. He placed them under SWEP measures, while a 67-year-old man was accommodated at an NSNO centre.

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