Maping rough sleeping of women in Slovenia

First Slovenian National Conference WRS II will expose several key issues: violence, health issues, survival strategies and empowerment of Women Rough Sleepers.


National Conference is organised within the WRS II project with support of Daphne Programme. It will be held on the 13th of March 2014 at the Congress Centre Brdo pri Kranju. At the conference the results of qualitative research will be disclosed as main problematic areas of homelesness among women in Slovenia.

Six panels with relevant experts from the field will focus on health issues, violence against homeless women, survival strategies, empowerment of homeless women and examples of good practices in Slovenia.

The conference will be opened by project leader professor Kate Moss from the University of Wolverhampton, who will make an overview of the situation in Europe while relevant Slovenian experts in the field of homelessness and empowerment of women will present the current state and good practice in Slovenia. One of the speakers, M.d. Aleksander Doplihar is the Head of Pro Bono clinic for people without health insurance, who helped hundreds of homeless people. Conference will be held in Slovenian language.

Conference Invitation(Slovenian)

Conference Programme(Slovenian)

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