University of Wolverhampton: Central Institute for the Study of Public Protection (CISPP)

The University of Wolverhampton will serve as the lead on the EU DAPHNE Project on ‘Empowering Women Rough Sleepers (WRS II) to protect themselves from Violence on the Streets.’ Through its extensive work, CISPP has established itself as a leader in the UK in the field of domestic violence and in the field of homeless & rough sleeping.

The team have recently completed a major EU DAPHNE Project on ‘Women Rough Sleepers who are the Victims of Domestic Abuse’ and are leading on another EU DAPHNE Project on ‘A Study Relating to Children Rough Sleepers who are Runaways & Homeless and Victims of Sexual Exploitation/Abuse & other Violence on the Streets.’

The Central Institute for the Study of Public Protection (CISPP) aims to develop and promote the University's increasing activity across the fields of criminal justice, criminology, forensic science, policing, fire and rescue, safeguarding, armed forces and security. This includes teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, academic and applied research, conferences and workshops, and the development, with our partners, of continuing personal and professional development.

Through its research and development activities CISPP mission is to make a difference to bettering the lives of people, improving communities and developing policy & practice.

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