About the Project WRS II

The Project focuses on empowering Women Rough Sleepers to protect themselves from lurking violence living on the streets and create an innovative supportive protective environment that meets the needs of these women and support them back into mainstream society and away from violence.

WRS II project deals with a number of specific issues that have been highlighted by our initial DAPHNE III research project into Women Rough Sleepers (http://www.womenroughsleepers.eu), which has indicated that a number of issues relating to WRS and their vulnerability to violence on the streets are in need of further research to look at wider issues in order to better empower women rough sleepers and assist in bringing them into mainstream society.

This research shows that the following areas require further research on the impact upon WRS who are victims of sexual exploitation/abuse and how this can be resolved, the impact of other forms of violence suffered by WRS such as rape and the impact of drugs, prostitution and mental health issues on WRS and how these factors relate to WRS experiences of violence perpetrated against them.

An important factor which we have already established in the first DAPHNE WRS project is that most of the focus on rough sleeping and its various implications for those who do it, has been on men and not women. We believe from our findings thus far that there is further work to be done in this important area in order to give greater voice to the specific problems and vulnerabilities suffered by women across the EU who sleep rough. This project is therefore innovative, adds value and represents an important follow-on study to a previous Daphne project on WRS as victims of domestic abuse undertaken by the same partners.

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