The Continuing ‘Problem’ of Women’s Homelessness and Rough Sleeping in Europe

It seems clear to us from our previous research in this area and from our current project that the problem of women’s homelessness continues to be an issue of major concern throughout Europe.

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Women’s Rough Sleepers Research Team meets in Budapest

An Update on Research into Women’s Rough Sleeping for International Homelessness Awareness Day

Partners on the WRS II project from the UK, Hungary and Slovenia met this week in Budapest discuss their current research and the most recent developments in rough sleeping in these countries.

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Street to Home Bi-Monthly Report from CHAIN.

September 25, 2013

The latest CHAIN borough and Street to Home bi-monthly reports are now available to download. You can access them from the Broadway website here:

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Shelter Projects for Muslim Homeless Women

October 2, 2013

”The National Zakat Foundation is establishing dedicated shelters for homeless Muslim women in various parts of the UK. The inspiration for setting up these shelters emerged from shocking stories about Muslim women sleeping rough on park benches or turning to prostitution to feed their children. 

The shelters will provide a safe haven for destitute women who have nowhere to turn in times of desperate need. As well as accommodation, we aim to provide a number of different support services to enable women to better cope with any difficulties they are facing and rebuild their lives in a positive manner. The shelters are not intended for long-term occupancy as we wish to help women move on and resettle back into the community.

Birmingham Shelter Project
Partner: Trident Reach the People Charity is one of the leading social investment charities in the Midlands. The charity is part of Trident Housing Group, which has been providing housing and support to vulnerable individuals and communities in the Midlands for over 40 years.

London Shelter Project
Partner: St Mungo’s is one of the largest charities for homeless people in London. Established in 1969, St. Mungo’s has a long track record of supporting homeless people in their recovery and is responsible for providing homeless people with more help in gaining life skills than any other charity. Manchester Shelter – Coming Soon

The National Zakat Foundation is aiming to launch Manchester’s first dedicated Muslim women’s shelter by Sept 2013.”

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Updates on War Crimes Tribunals

September 25, 2013

You might find the following link interesting:

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